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日本語(Original version)

UFN/新鯖(仮称) Rules.

  1. Users MUST read, understand, accept, and follow This rules.
  2. We can change This rules anytime, with or without notifying.
  3. This rules is originally written in Japanese. If any conflict or discrepancy in meaning occurred between this version and Japanese version, Japanese version will prevail.
  4. 新鯖 is intended for human of 13 or more years old. If you are 12 years old or younger, We do not recommend to play here.


Words used in our Rules/Terms will make it even more easy to read and understand, but some are not used commonly, so here's meanings for less misunderstanding.

"UFN", "新鯖", "We", "Our" or "Us"
"Ultra Free Network" and New server we're building.
"Use UFN"
Connect to UFN, and do something. like, move, open up menu, or go play some Annihilation game.
"User" or "You"
People uses UFN including you, or just You.
User who have permission of Moderator rank or above.
"Other servers"
Both "Other servers" and "Other networks".

Code of conduct.

  1. Do not take advantage from anything not provided from us, or not supposed. Here's some examples but not only these. Our judgement is very stricting. If you are going to use things that might get banned, Ask admins before you install them.
    • Fly
    • Speed
    • Killaura
    • Regen
    • Aimbot
    • FastBreak/FastBuild
    • Bridge/Scaffold
    • FastClick/AutoClick
    • Tracer/ESP/Radar
    • NoKnockback
    • AutoArmor
    • X-Ray
    • Nightvision/Gammabright
    • Blockhit (that doesn't un-block when attacks)
    • Maps that shows entities
  2. Do not use any unofficial Minecraft Client ("Mod version", "Hacked client")
  3. Do not even try to exploit any behaviors or bugs or limitations of Minecraft or our plugins (Testers will do it for you!). If you found anything glitchy, Don't try by yourself! report to Admins.
  4. Do not sabotage, troll, or damage teammates.
  5. Do not sabotage, troll, or damage opponents in grace or non-combat period.
  6. Do not make servers high load or attack serves.
  7. Do not advertise things not related to 新鯖 or lead Users to other servers.
  8. Do not leak, modify, analyze, decompile, or reverse engineer Our contents, unless it has open source license. Programming is such a hard work, please understand that we don't want to give everything for free.
  9. Do not spam (e.g, Post same or similar messages multiple times, Post too long or worthless messages).
  10. Do not use bad language (e.g, abuse, inciting, Profanity, sexual, or religious too much).
  11. Do not use 新鯖 to talk about other servers. (For Japanese, Why you don't chat in English, instead of Launch another Minecraft and chat in Japanese at 新鯖.)
  12. Do not do things that might mislead Users.
  13. Rules are to read and follow. Do not be positive or help to break rules.
  1. You can use following MODs and things that depends to. (linked item means it must be downloaded from that link)
  2. You can share/advertise YOUR 新鯖 videos/screenshots, unless you don't do it excessively.
  1. User must follow Guidelines (English) to advertise UFN or 新鯖 in other place.
  2. Admins can allow himself or some Users to do things not allowed temporary, but clear reason is needed. If you found admins abusing please report as soon as possible.


  1. We can punish Users violating rules, as much as We like.
  2. If our punishment was 9000% too much, keep calm, JUST post appeal once with valid format to appeal process.
  3. We delete invalid appeals with no response. Also, We can ignore all appeals of Users didn't appeal first and just screaming.
UFN Don't accept appeals. For more informations about 新鯖's punishments and how to appeal, See Our punishments page(Japanese, might not exist yet).

Data Policy.

  1. Admins has ability to see private messages sent by /tell command (includes /msg and /w. these are just a alias of /tell.), to check that chat isn't used for criminal purpose.
  2. 新鯖 will record your IP address in player data file.
  3. We can't guarantee your data is secure. Don't send your personal information.


  1. WE'RE RUNNING 新鯖 AS HOBBY AND WILL BE PROVIDED "AS IS" WITH NO WARRANTY. We welcome your feedbacks, but you don't need to stay here. If you hate us just go other servers.
Thank you for reading this until the very end!

If you have any questions or problems in our Rules or Terms of Service, ask at Questions section in our Google+ Community (requires Google account, I respond with Japanese or English). Thank you for reading this until the very end.

Last updated at: 2017/07/09 12:00 - Final draft.

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